Tech Tools can make our lives so much easier at work.

Tech Tools for Tomorrow: Essential Software and Ap...

Remote work is here to stay. There’s no denying the benefits and appeal of working from home, especially as the corporate world opts for more digital experiences.   Technology accelerates this evolution, with more and more companies able to do

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7 Ways To Create An Employee Development Plan

Creating an employee development plan can help teams professionally, much fewer teams eliminate snags in their well-being and productivity. And don’t worry – we’re not talking about the employee who has not been productive. Instead, we want to focus on

How To Prepare For An Interview in Amazing 2023

How to prepare for an interview is one of the biggest moments in your life that will have a profound impact. Unless you knock the questions out of the park and shine in every aspect, you’ll never get the call

Here the blog on Social Media Platform examples

7 Cool Social Media Platform Examples Making You L...

It’s the end of another long day, and you’re on a social media platform looking at examples of funny dog videos. Shifting your focus to your computer, you check your email, and there’s that dreaded message from your boss: “Can

5 Steps to Upskill Your Talent Action Plan, one of Upskill Talent's tools, will help you understand what does upskilling mean.

STEAM Courses That Upscale Your Skills

The 4th Industrial Revolution brings new innovative ideas and opportunities that will lead to world-changing shifts. However, problems continue to arise amidst these advances in research and technology. Take, for example, our children’s education. As citizens and parents, we all

What Job Skills Can Students Develop For Work Thro...

This week’s blog answers the question of what job skills can be developed for work through distance learning.  It continues with my other blogs, such as identifying the best practices for distance learning. The image I chose reminds me that

Ready To Go Back To School Online?

Amidst the current pandemic, we ask ourselves: “are we going back to school online?” The truth of the matter is no one knows at this time. With so much uncertainty about COVID-19, school districts and government officials are trying to

It's Back To School Time again!

Back To School 2022 – The First Day

It’s Back to School time! No matter what role we play in education, we must have no distractions, so the first day shows consistency, confidence, and the ability to conduct learning efficiently. Sadly, COVID continues to disrupt those traditions, leaving

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