The Upskill Talent Dashboard’s career development assessment tools make it easy
for users like you to compare common skills between occupations while helping to
establish your soft skills or hard skills.  

The Upskill Talent Dashboard Provides You
With Skills Gap Analysis

Companies continue to struggle when it comes to finding highly qualified talent. That’s why more corporations urgently look for a solution.

If a company needs a specific skill, it will find people with adjacent skills within its workforce to reskill them for what the company needs.

At the same time, upskilling teaches new and advanced skills to close a skill gap. Both approaches to talent optimization are vital to success.

Upskill Talent makes it easy to conduct a skills gap analysis and identify the skills you’ll need to get and perform the job you want.

This high-visibility career planning tool can help you position yourself for the hiring process and develop the skill sets you’ll need to get ahead.


Visionary Corporations

14 Companies, including Apple and Google, no longer require degrees. Instead, they look at the experience and skills gained from their work.

Exceed Your KPIs

Our Dashboard empowers users to accelerate their process of transitioning employees or starting a new career.

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Crosstrain your soft skills and hard skills by identifying what you lack.


Update Existing Jobs

Write precise job descriptions based on trends seen in your industry.


Optimize Your Talent

Learn about how to best position employees while closing their skills gap.




You can’t improve your product unless you know what skills they lack.


Talent Optimization

Align skills to create new products and highly efficient employees.


Job Analysis Is Important

To create trending jobs, you must possess the skills necessary for the future of work.


Why We Built The
Upskill Talent Dashboard

From Leaders Around The Globe

Forbes reports that ½ of the workforce will require reskilling by 2025.

Concerning Statistics stated that 1/3 of companies say the skills gap widened in 2021, with 87% finding it difficult to find qualified employees.

To Our Local Communities Avoid Laying Off Employees
If They Can Transfer Jobs
Crosstrain Until You Can
Hire Someone Full-Time
Finding A New Job Bridge Academic to the
Corporate World
Identify Needed Skills To
Create A New Product

Workforce Hub is a growing industries

How The Upskill Talent Dashboard Works

  • Takes one profession and compares it to five other professions.
  • Upskill Talent Dashboard’s algorithm compiles many open-source governments, job-affiliated organizations, and corporations that connect people and jobs.
  • Compares what the selected professions, such as soft skills or hard skills, have in common.
  • Contrasts the differences between them.
  • Usable report that makes Human Resource personnel smarter for upskilling and talent optimization.
  • Save and create reports.

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You’ll easily be convinced once you try it for yourself why we have the most comprehensive occupation and skills dashboard available.

Check out how others see the potential in their businesses and professional experiences. 


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Upskill Talent

Upskill Talent focuses on making employees smarter by providing Business Intelligence solutions unique to customers’ needs that help them optimize their talents and services.

5 Steps To Upskilling Your Talent

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Content Mapping 101

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Making the Hiring
Process Smarter

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Occupation Skills Matrix

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Closing the Skills Gap

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Job Application Log

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