Tech Tools can make our lives so much easier at work.

Remote work is here to stay. There’s no denying the benefits and appeal of working from home, especially as the corporate world opts for more digital experiences.   Technology accelerates this evolution, with more and more companies able to do complex tasks from anywhere in the world. Everything from programming to marketing is now possible to do remotely. 

Getting Started With Remote Work

Before getting into software, ensure you meet the following requirements for the best remote experience.

Reliable Internet Connection

Everything from communication to file sharing requires a good internet connection to function. Otherwise, no matter what other tools you have, you can’t work remotely. Also, ensure you have a backup internet hotspot, such as the data on your phone, in case the internet goes down. 

Quiet Workspace

Create a dedicated and ergonomic workspace that enhances productivity and minimizes distractions. Invest in a comfortable chair, proper lighting, and ergonomic accessories like a keyboard and mouse to support those long remote hours. 

Decent Laptop or Desktop Computer

A reliable laptop or desktop computer is essential for accessing work-related software, tools, and documents. Ensure that your device meets the necessary specifications and security requirements for remote work.

Headset with Microphone

Good quality headsets or headphones with a built-in microphone are essential for clear audio during virtual meetings, conference calls, and online collaboration sessions. Noise-canceling features can help minimize distractions in noisy environments.


A webcam is essential for video conferencing and virtual meetings. It allows you to engage face-to-face with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, fostering better communication and collaboration.

The Best Database Software

These are for compiling and recording essential data for running your business. 


Airtable is a supercharged spreadsheet software that helps you organize all kinds of information in one place. You can use it to manage projects, track customers, or organize any kind of data. It’s flexible and easy to use, making it great for teams of all sizes, and there are paid options for more features. The only caveat is you will need to teach these to every employee because it’s a bit different from what they might be used to. 

Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows you to create, edit, and share spreadsheets online, eliminating the need for desktop software.  The biggest boon of Google Sheets is that you can access Google Sheets from any device with an internet connection, making it convenient for remote work or collaboration. It’s one of the most widely used spreadsheet software, so it’s worth learning.

The Best Remote Communication Platforms

These are for communicating directly with your co-workers anywhere in the world. 

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that lets you have virtual meetings with your team or clients. It’s easy to use, works on any device, and offers features like screen sharing and real-time captioning to make meetings more productive.


Slack is like a virtual office where you can chat with your team, share files, and stay connected throughout the day. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page, even when you’re not in the same room. 


Zoom is another video conferencing tool that’s become popular for remote work. It’s simple to use, offers high-quality video and audio, and has features like screen sharing and virtual backgrounds to make meetings more engaging.

Team Management

For managers working with remote teams, the following software simplifies the process significantly. 


Trello is a visual tool that helps teams organize their work and track progress on projects. It uses boards, lists, and cards to keep everything organized, and it’s great for teams of all sizes. The best part about Trello is that it is free and easy to understand, without any fuss needed for installation. 


Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that combines chat, video conferencing, and file sharing in one place. It’s designed to help teams work together more effectively, whether they’re in the same office or spread out around the world. Microsoft Teams is perfect for offices that are deeply integrated with Microsoft’s corporate offerings. 


Jira is a tool designed specifically for software development teams. It helps them keep track of their projects, manage tasks, and work together more efficiently. With features like customizable workflows and easy integration with other tools, Jira makes it easier for teams to stay organized and get things done.  

The Best Office Suite Apps

Every remote worker needs a suite of Office apps for documents and email. 

Google Office Suite

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) includes tools like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets that make it easy to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It’s all stored in the cloud, so you can access your work from anywhere.


Grammarly is a writing tool that helps you write better by checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It’s like having a virtual proofreader who helps you sound more professional in your emails, documents, and messages.

Text Blaze

Text Blaze is a tool that helps you save time by creating shortcuts for frequently used phrases. It’s great for things like email templates or canned responses, and it works with lots of different apps and platforms to make your life easier.

The Best Remote Security Software

Whether it’s for protecting against viruses or preventing email fraud, these cybersecurity apps will help you stay safe while working remotely.


Dashlane is a password manager application that helps users generate, store, and manage their passwords securely. It also offers features like autofill for online forms and digital wallet functionality for storing payment information and personal data securely. Dashlane emphasizes strong encryption and multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.


NordPass is another password manager application that aims to simplify password management and enhance online security. It offers features such as password generation, secure storage, and autofill functionality. NordPass emphasizes user-friendly design and strong encryption to protect user’s sensitive information.


Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software designed to detect and remove various types of malware, including viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. It offers real-time protection, scanning capabilities, and malware removal tools to help users keep their devices safe from online threats.  Paired with your PC’s built-in antivirus measures, MalwareBytes covers all your antivirus needs without being invasive. 

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of tools out there.  There are so many that it might get intimidating. Some software might overlap in function or not fit what you want. Thankfully, the community of remote professionals has curated their must-have software apps for optimal remote performance. Use the software above as a guide for deciding whether or not the software you use is worth your time. 

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