• Finding jobs based on the individual’s skills/competency strengths

  • Retrain employees

  • Reduce the unemployment rate

  • Prescreening Candidates for Job Placement

  • Verify qualifications

  • Determine if skills overlap with other high-need positions

  • Online job applications

  • Resume and cover letter review

  • Interviews

  • Skills tests

  • Reference and background checks

Occupations Using

Career Counselors

Giving you advice to find out your real potential and build a better career for yourself.

Employment Specialists

Finding employees their dream job and employers the right employee.

Job Training Professionals

Improving your profession and making your skills better.

Job Coaches

Helping you with your new job and coaching you with your new position.


Finding qualified candidates for a job and works to meet the demands of both sides.

Labor Relations Specialists

Preparing proposals and rules or regulations in order to help facilitate collective bargaining.

Businesses Within The Employment Services Sector

Recruiting Agencies

Uses our dashboard to find the best available jobs from the skills an applicant possesses.

Unemployment Offices

Finds qualified candidates potential jobs through the Comparing Jobs tab.

Staffing Agencies

Uses Illuminate to secure professionals in critical jobs by verifying what skills they possess.

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