5 Great SDGs For Education That Advance Equity and...

This blog focuses on how SDGs for education help improve conditions worldwide. What are SDGs, and why are SDGs For Education So Important? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adhered Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to

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STEAM Courses That Upscale Your Skills

The 4th Industrial Revolution brings new innovative ideas and opportunities that will lead to world-changing shifts. However, problems continue to arise amidst these advances in research and technology. Take, for example, our children’s education. As citizens and parents, we all

Ready To Go Back To School Online?

Amidst the current pandemic, we ask ourselves: “are we going back to school online?” The truth of the matter is no one knows at this time. With so much uncertainty about COVID-19, school districts and government officials are trying to

A laptop is a remote working tools

What Are 10 Essential Remote Worker Tools to Assis...

Fast Company wrote on the 5 Essential Skills to Show You’re a Standout Remote Worker, and I couldn’t help myself but realize there are tools out there that can advance her per-intimation. Using her five points, let’s add tools to help

Evaluating Teachers are fun.

Evaluating Teachers In A Distance Learning Era

Evaluating Teachers -Schools are opening up. Unlike the typical hustle, where teachers build routines and classes understand their expectations, students and teachers adapt to the new normal regarding distance learning. Distance learning continues to dominate conversations about how students learn

Management by solutions is a great approach.

Using A Management By Solution For Education

 What if we used a Management By Solution approach to solving education-related issues? Would it work? You’d be surprised at how easy the process can be from start to finish. COVID continues to wreak havoc on the world, especially for

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Building Teacher & Student Relationships Thru...

Unless a teacher takes great effort into building a relationship with every student they teach, distance learning won’t matter. “It just doesn’t feel like I’m in a class,” says one student. Recognizing they do not want to hurt my feelings,

Special Education students have some of the best ideas.

Strengthen Special Education Accommodations For Di...

Special Education students are one group of students who suffer the most in distance learning. Although accommodations are provided, there remains a significant disconnect between student learning and the teacher’s plan. I am not placing the blame on teachers. Instead,

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