It's Back To School Time again!

It’s Back to School time! No matter what role we play in education, we must have no distractions, so the first day shows consistency, confidence, and the ability to conduct learning efficiently.

Sadly, COVID continues to disrupt those traditions, leaving many of us in disarray.

Although we know what to do, there remain so many things we must still figure out.

So this week’s blog will assist everyone in getting a general idea to get those routines in place to relive the anxiety as we start a new year with distance learning.

Tech Check

Have everything you need in place, and ensure your students are plugged in and powered up with the software and apps they need.

Time Schedule

Building time every week ensures the ability for parents and teachers to know when you will hold class. Set frequent reminders for class time and also when assignments are due.

Operations & Logistics

Ensure that students and their parents know items such as who to call, office hours, and your email, so when a question arises, it can be addressed quickly.


Classroom rules were relaxed back in the day.  That was when we had 3 to 5 rules that demonstrated order and expectations. It’s still highly recommended that you have those in place and guidelines that provide flexibility for virtual learning.

Here are probably some rules you have used before:

  • Raise your hand if you have a question or need assistance
  • Show respect for all.
  • Be on time and Prepared.
  • Work only on what is assigned at the designated time.
  • Submit all assignments on time and in the proper place

Thanks to my wife, she came up with some incredible ideas to prepare her class this year which I thought was brilliant.

In this checklist, you will see how they are set up that align with your procedures and expectations.

Combining the best of both worlds is not as hard as it seems.  It will help keep the class together and on pace, thus making your work easier.

One that will make your Back to School a little easier to begin.

Need help getting started with your Back to School plans?  Contact me! I’d love to see how I can help.

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Download Your Own Back to School Digital Classroom Norms here!

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