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Illuminate, our skills-on-resume dashboard, helps you get ahead of the competition and become the go-to person in your company.

But don’t take our word. Test drive it for yourself and get access where you can see what’s missing.

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Over 36,000 Tech Tools referenced in our dashboard alone that professionals across the world use on a regular basis.


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Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
If you're trying to figure out all of the skills within an occupation, then you've come to the right place. Upskill Talent has made it so easy for me to see all of the skills to max out my resume. The Pay By Search makes is an easy option for me to look at it whenever I want without having to worry about a monthly or annual plan. Will be recommending it to my friends. Thanks Upskill Talent!
Aminat Ayobami
Aminat Ayobami
Are you lost on where and how to learn a skill, are you in need of a guide on how to improve on existing skills??? I can assure you that Upskill Talent is all you need to get that dream job you have always wanted. Give it a shot today.
Aisha Suleiman
Aisha Suleiman
The Upskill Talent dashboard keeps you up to date on current breakthroughs in your field of expertise and exposes you to the latest resources for professional development. I desire and hope that the entire globe would have access to these amazing tools for developing essential skills. Thank you very much to Upskill Talent for this valuable Dashboard.
Sadiya Murtala
Sadiya Murtala
Sometimes we find ourselves investing a lot of time and maybe money into developing a skill in our areas of interest only to discover that we actually need to study something new or different. But thanks to Upskill Talent, we won't have such a bad experience as employees who strive to be the best in their field of expertise because the dashboard informs each employee about recent advancements in their area of expertise and offers one of the best resources for guiding skill development. I sincerely hope that the world will be able to access Upskill Talent. The start of everyone's valuable skill development. Many thanks for the Upskill Talent Dashboard.

About Us

Upskill Talent focuses on making employees smarter by providing Business Intelligence solutions unique to customers’
needs that help them optimize their talents and services.

Founded in 2014 in Chesapeake, Virginia, it conducts its work worldwide while maintaining that the customer must come first.  

Our Mission

Illuminating your solutions to solving the world’s skills gap dilemmas.

To challenge the prevailing structure of human resource development while we continuously develop a network
of data and references in every labor market globally to create a bridge to the world’s skills gap dilemmas.

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Upskill Talent

Upskill Talent focuses on making employees smarter by providing Business Intelligence solutions unique to customers’ needs that help them optimize their talents and services.