Amidst the current pandemic, we ask ourselves: “are we going back to school online?”

The truth of the matter is no one knows at this time.

With so much uncertainty about COVID-19, school districts and government officials are trying to determine how schools should open up this year.

These options appear to be the most common around the world:

Everyone returns

A hybrid where some return while some learn online

Rotate days in which students learn at school

Complete online

Regardless of the decision school officials make, we must keep this crucial perspective in mind.

How will we keep our staff and children safe?

I fear some places may make the wrong decision based on the wrong factors. Nevertheless, we have to be ready.

Rather than make excuses, I wanted to make this post positive and valuable when making the best decision.

That’s why you will be able to download a rubric with six key factors that all stakeholders must consider at the end of this blog.

The rubric will provide critical aspects that may trigger much-needed conversations.

Before you download it, I want to break down each criterion.

Significant Factors When Considering Distance Learning and Traditional Learning Models

Digital Divide – How are you eliminating the gap between those that have and those that do not have internet/devices?

Platform competency – Can staff members, students, and parents utilize the platform by which the lessons are being delivered?

Accommodation ready – Are the accommodations required by law ready to be implemented in a digital learning lesson plan and platform?

Dare to experiment – Are the stakeholders willing to try new apps, software, and websites outside the platform?

Student Engagement – What plan does the staff to communicate with every student, every lesson to check for understanding?

Communicate – What systems are in place to have staff members communicate? How will staff members continue conversations throughout the crisis?

Advance Notification – To what extent schools and staff are communicating clear and consistent information regarding operations and instruction?  Can parents understand and help prepare their children promptly?

Safety in School – How are students and staff being kept safe?

These questions remain pertinent to the startup for a successful year.

I hope all children get a quality education regardless of area and subject.

Here’s where you can get your rubric.

Download Your Own Back To School Online Template

I would love to hear your comments!

Let’s all help one another through this process so our children become better and more prepared.

Are you in need of assistance in preparing for the school year?  Are you having a tough time thinking about a solution that will optimize teaching and learning?

Then contact us, and let’s find the perfect solution for you!

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