• Align Skills From Employee To Occupation

  • Create New Occupations

  • Optimize Employee’s Potential

  • Revise Occupations

  • Conducting Annual Performance Reviews

  • Determining Where To Expand Products And Services

  • Identifying What Tech Tools Needed For Expansion

  • Reviewing Salary Averages In Similar Jobs

  • Training Employees

Occupations Using

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Giving you advices to find out your real potential and build a better career for yourself.

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Finding employees their dream job and employers the right employee.

COO – Chief Operations Officer

Improving your profession and making your skills better.

Human Resources Manager

Helping you with your new job and coaching you with your new position.

Executive Director

Finding qualified candidates for a job and works to meet the demands of both sides.


Preparing proposals and rules for regulations to help facilitate collective bargaining.

Benefits of Using Illuminate In Non Profit Organizations

Increasing The Number of Jobs

By showing a way to integrate multiple skills to create a new non for profit job

Employees With Non Profits Salary Increase

Thanks to the ability to recognize their value as a result of understanding all skills and knowledge in unique professions

501 c 3 Organizations Benefit

From having access to thousands of jobs to compare, and analyze.

How We Help A

Non Profit Organization

See How We Help Optimize Non Profit Organizations.

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