• Develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

  • Know what to seek training/certification based on the skill desired

  • Prepare for a promotion

  • Support spouses by identifying skills in which they can seek remote work or in-person opportunities

  • American Corporate Partners

  • Job Bank USA

  • Rally Point

  • Transition Assistance Program

  • US Military Pipeline

  • Warrior Gateway

  • VMET (Verification of Military Experience & Training)

Occupations Using

Community Affairs Liaison Officer

Giving you advices to find out your real potential and build a better career for yourself.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Finding employees their dream job and employers the right employee.

Human Resources Specialist

Improving your profession and making your skills better.


Helping you with your new job and coaching you with your new position.

Transition Assistance Personnel

Finding qualified candidates for a job and works to meet the demands of both sides.

Personnel Specialists

Preparing proposals and rules or regulations in order to help facilitate collective bargaining.

Soldiers Who Retire From The Military Use Illuminate To

Help Make Military Transitioning Easier

Thanks to knowing what skills can easily transfer from their MOS

Highlight Skills From Former Jobs In The Military

By knowing which jobs best position them for continued success

Recognize Fast What Knowledge Is Still Needed

Whether your career in the Army or other branches were 5 or 25 years, rest assured you will see which skills are transferrable and what skills you need to develop more

How We Help Soldiers

Retire From The Military

Here's How We Help Troops Optimize Their Talent.

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