Talent Center staff must be engaging

4 Innovative Approaches Training Centers Need Badl...

In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing job market, people go to training centers to upskill or reskill themselves. It’s more important than ever for individuals and organizations to develop and update their skills continuously. Training centers, also known as learning

Innovating Workforce Development In High School

This question – can we innovate workforce development in high school has been on my mind for quite some time. The better question is, why aren’t we doing a better job at it? Everyone in business and education wants to

Mental focus is self care

9 Super Ways To Improve Your Mental Focus and Incr...

Don’t you love it when your mental focus helps you complete your to-do list and see everything checked off? You ceremoniously close your laptop and get started on the “me time” you’ve been craving all day. But that is not

Need to bridging skill development in education and business

Bridging Skill Development In Education and Busine...

Preparing for a conference presentation on a warm spring evening, I run through the slides and rehearse on how the workforce can improve skill development. Take this out. Add more here. It’s the same old thing we all do, like

Important things to consider are corporate training jobs

Facets That Corporate Training Jobs Must Include

You know we all do the same thing when stuck in traffic. Make a call, reply to a text and flip through social media. Growing restless, I zoned out because there was no momentum. Feeling like education has lost momentum,

Using a digital notebook is essential

4 Amazing Digital Notebooks To Use In 2022

In this blog, we’ll discuss using a digital notebook and four of them to use in 2021 that will make it easier for students, to become more prepared to learn in a virtual world. Why consider Digital Notebooks? You’ll eventually

What are the Top Employee Engagement Skills Everyo...

Recently, I was thinking about the essential skills that all employees should have, when it dawned on me that the best employees possess excellent engagement skills. For decades now, CEO’s have stressed that their corporations need highly qualified and skilled

drones can be the next generation of economic development.

Drones Are The Next Generation For Economic Develo...

Updated December 30, 2020 One of my favorite things to do is go to the beach at Nags Head, NC and relax by Mile Post 11. Sitting with my SPF 70, beach chair and towel laid out, I soak in

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