• Aligns To State Standards

  • Safe For Students

  • Reduces Downtime

  • Comprehensive List Of Occupations & Skills

  • Designed With Students In Mind

  • Affordable Plans

  • Easy To Whitelist

  • User Keeps Account

  • Hands-On Activity

  • Career Days

  • Guest Speakers

  • Resume Creation

  • Portfolio Enhancement

  • STEM Integration

Occupations Using


Giving you advices to find out your real potential and build a better career for yourself

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Teacher

Finding employees their dream job and employers the right employee


Improving your profession and making your skills better


Helping you with your new job and coaching you with your new position

Accessing Illuminate For K12 Education To Help With

Online Learning Tools

By answering many questions such as what's the starting salary that comes with a particular job

K12 Homeschool

Can use it to help start discussions about STEM related careers

Adding Private School Online Resources

That would otherwise be difficult or time consuming to acquire when building a lesson plan

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K12 Education

See How We Help Educators Tap New Potential In Their Students.

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