How To Prepare For An Interview in Amazing 2023

How to prepare for an interview is one of the biggest moments in your life that will have a profound impact. Unless you knock the questions out of the park and shine in every aspect, you’ll never get the call

A new way to use resume technology is OpenAI

The #1 Resume Technology You Must Have

Grab your coffee because I will show you some incredible resume technology that’ll enhance your resume in seconds. Introducing ChatGPT In today’s competitive job market, having a standout resume is crucial for landing your dream job. Fortunately, various tools and

Get Top Skills For Management In This Blog

What Are The Top Skills For Management In 2023?

Are you wondering what skills are needed for a management position in 2023? We did too! Much has changed during the last few years, with increased digitalization and technological developments shifting many aspects of business operations. Now is an exciting

Use AI to write robust applications for jobs, cover letters, resumes must include samples and another way to contact us should you have questions. Contact us for questions

An Incredible Application Job Letter Sample For 20...

In this blog, you’ll learn how to use AI tools to create a robust application for your next job by writing your cover letter and resume while giving you a sample. As for job applications and writing cover letters, there’s

Soft skills are a must for upskilling regardless of tools you use.

10 Great Sites For Upskilling Your Soft Skills

CNBC reported that almost nine out of ten employers want to see soft skills on a resume got me to think about a couple of things. First, how many people understand the importance of adding soft skills that increase their

Upskilling Yourself Remains A Top Priority

Upskilling Yourself To Better Careers Right Now!

The skills gap is a real thing and upskilling yourself is a must unless you want to remain in your position for years. It’s the difference between the skills that employers need and the skills that employees have. And it’s

Remote learning starts at home.

6 Great Ways That STEAM Help Remote Learning Cours...

2022 continues to be brutal to teachers, students, and parents, especially those who need help teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Applied (or Art) and Math (STEAM) in remote learning courses. Some may wonder how we can teach STEAM in Remote Learning.

It's imperative to stay focused.

3 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

Trying to stay focused, I dive into a pile of papers on my desk of possibilities…. 4 causes of Zoom Fatigue and their fixes – Nah 23 Minutes to Recover From a Distraction at Work? Holy cow! Unable to refrain

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