Employee engagement with Androids are the way to go!

Enhancing Employee Productivity With Android Devic...

In today’s modern technological era, business markets and trends change quickly. This makes it difficult for employees to be efficient and productive while regularly dealing with so much innovation and change. Businesses constantly look for ways to enhance their productivity

Here the blog on Social Media Platform examples

7 Cool Social Media Platform Examples Making You L...

It’s the end of another long day, and you’re on a social media platform looking at examples of funny dog videos. Shifting your focus to your computer, you check your email, and there’s that dreaded message from your boss: “Can

Learning Style is affected by COVID.

Using Learning Style in Distance Learning

Having students retain information through their preferred learning style is already challenging in a classroom but can distance learning be adapted to teach a student’s preferred learning style?    The answer is yes. We have to adapt the way we

A True Politician is honest

Be a True Politician

John Rawls wrote an astounding book on politics in 1971. In A Theory of Justice, Mr. Rawls proposed a revolutionary thought experiment as the basis for the best political structure possible. He postulated that if you imagined that you were

Need to bridging skill development in education and business

Bridging Skill Development In Education and Busine...

Preparing for a conference presentation on a warm spring evening, I run through the slides and rehearse on how the workforce can improve skill development. Take this out. Add more here. It’s the same old thing we all do, like

drones can be the next generation of economic development.

Drones Are The Next Generation For Economic Develo...

Updated December 30, 2020 One of my favorite things to do is go to the beach at Nags Head, NC and relax by Mile Post 11. Sitting with my SPF 70, beach chair and towel laid out, I soak in

Apple’s Steve Jobs Genius And Pioneer

Steve Jobs genius, there’s no other way to describe it. 60 Minutes featured an episode named “Inside Apple” where they described everything from Steve Jobs’ vision to how they created their future products. CEO Tim Cook was interviewed on the

Upskill Talent

Upskill Talent focuses on making employees smarter by providing Business Intelligence solutions unique to customers’ needs that help them optimize their talents and services.