Here are 10 Innovative Training Strategies For New Employees

10 Innovative Training Strategies For New Employee...

Training strategies for new employees remain an essential task to the success of any organization. Effective training programs help new employees acclimate to their new roles and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their jobs efficiently.

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7 Ways To Create An Employee Development Plan

Creating an employee development plan can help teams professionally, much fewer teams eliminate snags in their well-being and productivity. And don’t worry – we’re not talking about the employee who has not been productive. Instead, we want to focus on

What Does A Skills Gap Mean?

Today we’re going to discuss a common expression heard in so many industries, a “skills gap,” discover how much it’s costing both employees and companies and provide solutions on how can a skill gap be closed. What Is A Skills

This is for skills for jobs in hot demand

Hot Tech Skills For Jobs In Demand For 2023

This blog celebrates our first annual skills for jobs in HOT DEMAND.  Check out the complete list below to see if you have some of these Tech Skills needed in critical occupations. The Need For Critical Jobs Has Never Been

Improving One's Mental Health is so important.

10 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health and Focus

Your state of mind or mental health always feels better when you look at your to-do list at the end of the day and see everything checked off. You ceremoniously close your laptop and get started on the “me time”

Skills On Resume Digital Business Card

How to Turn Your Digital Business Card into A Skil...

  There has been a more incredible drive to show your skills on your resume in recent years. We’ve relied on digital platforms to facilitate everything, from business meetings and conferences to weddings and milestone celebrations. It’s no surprise that

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An Opportunity for Special Populations

  One of my favorite things I enjoy during the school year is the opportunity to do is to visit the special population students. I see them preparing the lunches in our kitchen when I visit them. The instructor stands

Innovating Workforce Development In High School

This question – can we innovate workforce development in high school has been on my mind for quite some time. The better question is, why aren’t we doing a better job at it? Everyone in business and education wants to

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