Better efficiency can be achieved with organizational change

Mastering Organizational Change: Essential Tactics...

Surviving and thriving in today’s fast-paced business environment demands an adept approach to organizational change. From technological advancements to shifts in consumer behavior, change is inevitable. Ignoring the need for change can spell disaster for a company, while embracing it

Pay attention to the workforce analytics.

The Importance of Workforce Analytics & Remot...

When the pandemic hit in 2020, it brought a huge deal of change to how jobs operate. Almost every sector has shifted to the remote setup wherein people can work anywhere. Until now, this setting is prevalent and the most

Be sure to understand the dangers of recruiting myths

10 Crazy Recruiting Myths You Won’t Believe

Recruiting myths always are in hiring world. They constantly evolve, and it’s no surprise that many recruiting myths surround the process. These recruiting myths can often lead to ineffective hiring practices and ultimately affect a company’s success. It’s important to

It's Back To School Time again!

Back To School 2022 – The First Day

It’s Back to School time! No matter what role we play in education, we must have no distractions, so the first day shows consistency, confidence, and the ability to conduct learning efficiently. Sadly, COVID continues to disrupt those traditions, leaving

A True Politician is honest

Be a True Politician

John Rawls wrote an astounding book on politics in 1971. In A Theory of Justice, Mr. Rawls proposed a revolutionary thought experiment as the basis for the best political structure possible. He postulated that if you imagined that you were

Engaged and productive students are important to have in class.

4 Highly Engaged, Productive Students And Employee...

Educators know the importance of having highly engaged, productive students, whether they learn online or in person.  It tells a teacher whether their classes can understand Key concepts or if additional time is needed to revisit the lesson. But I

It's imperative to stay focused.

3 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

Trying to stay focused, I dive into a pile of papers on my desk of possibilities…. 4 causes of Zoom Fatigue and their fixes – Nah 23 Minutes to Recover From a Distraction at Work? Holy cow! Unable to refrain

Teachers can do instructional design jobs

An Innovative Model For Instructional Designers

For several months I’ve scoured the web to learn as much as I could about how the academic world prepares for learning and instructional designers create courses and training for corporations. Burrowing through these rabbit holes, many similarities and discrepancies

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