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In this blog, you’ll learn how to use AI tools to create a robust application for your next job by writing your cover letter and resume while giving you a sample. As for job applications and writing cover letters, there’s no right or wrong way to do things. But if you want to be ahead of the curve (and who doesn’t?), consider using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools when working on your application.

Sounds crazy, right?

But trust me – it works! With the help of AI, you can create a cover letter tailored specifically for the job you’re applying for and increase your chances of being considered for the position. I’ve included a sample cover letter created using AI to prove it to you.

Ready to learn more?

Fortune 500 Companies Use ATS Software

Auto Tracking Software (ATS) remains the preferred method for pre-screening candidates.  Its user-friendly features for Human Resource personnel make it ideal for tracking candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process. In fact, 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS for job postings daily.

Companies who utilize ATS state many benefits that include:

    • Screens out unqualified applicants

    • Speeds up the process of hiring and onboarding

    • Cuts cost when hiring

Meanwhile, applicants who have used ATS software to submit their applications have shared the following:

    • Streamlines the application and cover letter process with features such as auto-fill and reminding applicants of essential tasks to complete before submitting.

    • Increases the communication process when clarification is required.

    • Provides samples to help applicants understand what’s required in the application.

As the technology improves, more benefits will emerge, enhancing the process for all.

What Do ATS Software Prefer Users Have In Their Job Application, Resumes, and Cover Letter?

Remember that ATS is a program that the customer, or the company that needs to hire someone, provides.  It comes with some generalized tasks but also will enable Human Resource personnel to add extra variables before pushing out the tracking system.

ATS focuses on Skills & Keywords, Education Level, Section Headings, and Date Formatting.

Multiple sources have noted several “general” tips when ATS scans your resume.

    • Avoid lengthy resumes.  Keep the word count to less than 1,000.

    • Include measurable results.  Show your passing score on an industry certification exam if you are applying for a tech-related position or your conversion from leads generated to sales for those who are commission based.

    • Refrain from over-used expressions.  Words like a team player, self-starter, proactive, and detail-oriented can raise a red flag.

    • Have a web presence. ATS loves it when applicants include companies, departments, and schools’ websites because it helps validate your application.

    • Shun from using buzzwords, industry, or company jargon. Multiple possibilities can happen here.  When someone uses industry jargon, the algorithm could mark down an applicant’s score as unfamiliar.  Another possibility could include an actual HR rep reviewing the document and considering it to have another meaning.

    • Save your document in Word.  If you cannot upload your document in Word, try as a PDF.

    • From my own experiences, I’ve found that to make applicants more effective should also have these embedded in their resumes:

    • Integrate hard skills frequently.  Hard skills connect what you learned to practice, so the hard skills you list that relate to the job, the higher your score.

    • Incorporate soft skills at least three times. Research has shown that soft skills remain a top “must-have” by CEOs which is why you should share these specialized skills.

    • Format your resume and cover letter with simple, clean fonts, no graphics, and regular font.  A clean approach remains the best approach.

    • Use ALL CAPS in your headers.  This will help the software to know when a new section starts and an old section ends.

    • List work and education experience in reverse-chronological order.  It’s easier to remember the latest and can provide more details than if you started with the oldest.

    • Provide your social media profiles.  This is a whole separate blog within itself, but when it’s included, you’d best know that not only will they check before you get a request to interview, but it’ll show your integrity as a person outside of the job.

    • Remove “References Available Upon Request.”  ATS now has a whole area in the program where applicants will provide this information so remove it altogether

    • Have tons of white space. This ensures that the algorithm won’t miss any information and makes it easier when a human eye gets a chance to scan it.

    • Create a job portal account with a professional email address.  Email addresses like and may seem harmless, but sometimes, they can give unneeded clues to HR personnel, plus throw off the ATS software because it’s not recognized.

    • Stay away from passive or lazy verbs.  The verbs “is,” “are” and “be” will never help describe what you do in a job.  Instead, action verbs in the present tense make the wording shorter and more precise, which is a must-have when submitting documents.

Your next application, job, letter or sample should be written by AI.

Where To Find Good Keywords For Your Resume And Cover Letter

In these sections, we’ll provide some AI related tech tools to help you set up your resume.  So, let’s start understanding where to find good keywords needed to help strengthen your resume.

    • My Next Move – Not only does this site provide keywords, but it also helps users through career exploration through three areas: “I want to be,” “I’ll know when I see it,” and “I’m not really sure.”

    • Google Trends – You might not think this would be beneficial, but I list this site because it will provide you with the latest trends worldwide.  For example, searching Cyber Security jobs would reveal interest over time, subregion interest, related topics, queries, and the keywords everywhere trend chart.  All this information is pertinent, and by adding these keywords to your resume and cover letter, your job application will increase its overall score.

    • Upskill Talent’s Dashboard – This dashboard puts you in the best position to check your resume’s content and compare it to the skills listed here. For some jobs, there are hundreds of skills listed. So check it out or visit our Dashboard Page for more information.

Let AI Write A Sample Cover Letter, And Resume While You Prepare Your Next Job Application

Years ago, one would have to hire a resume writer to do this work, but now, users’ Internet and AI tools give them this power at their fingertips.  Here are a few tools that I’ve found helpful.

    • Kick Resume – includes multiple plans based on your budget.  With Kickresume, they provide you with resume and cover letter templates to customize.

    • JobScan.Co – I must admit this is one of my favorite sites for multiple reasons.  BOTH take your resume and the actual job posting and compares them.  When the report finishes, you will see what the job posting emphasized to what you have provided, giving you a matching percentage. The cover letter feature also helps streamline and prioritize essential versus redundant information. They now have a LinkedIn option as well.

    • Rezi – generates a cover letter based on your resume in seconds.

In the video below, I took a sample job posting of a school principal and compared it to my resume to see how well they matched.  See for yourselves how well it matches.

As you can tell, this was while I was learning about ATS, so I wrote this blog for you.

Applying for a job is hard enough but throw in the extra stress of worrying about your resume, application, and cover letter, which can feel downright impossible. But what if an AI could take all that burden off your shoulders?

Believe it or not, this technology exists—and it will only improve. So far, AI has been able to write resumes, applications, and even personalized cover letters for each job seeker.

You need only to provide some basic information about yourself and your work history, and the AI will do the rest. 

Have you tried using AI to help with your job search? If so, we want to hear from you! Share your story in the comments section below.  

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