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Are you wondering what skills are needed for a management position in 2023?

We did too!

Much has changed during the last few years, with increased digitalization and technological developments shifting many aspects of business operations.

Now is an exciting time to consider that management needs to adapt – embracing novel opportunities to remain competitive while navigating an increasingly complex set of challenges.

In this blog post, we will delve into those skills that industry experts say are essential for effective management in 2023, from data-driven decision-making and hybrid leadership styles to becoming agile problem solvers able to work remotely without missing a step!

Read on as we discuss these 8 must-have skills you need for success as a manager in the new decade.


Typical Management Skills

Tons of Management and Leadership information saturate the web, much less any professional development.

It can change from person to person, the time frame in which they found the style and how the organization’s culture fuses it to their values make it vary so much.

So for this blog, we’ll use a baseline of typical management skills.

For those familiar with Robert Katz’s work, you’ll recognize many familiar points.

Katz, an organizational psychologist who published the Skills Of An Effective Administrator in 1955, identified three main skill areas:  Technical Skills, Human Skills, and Conceptual Skills. 

These areas were primary in definition, and over time, leaders expanded the work to be more precise in stating what they should include in the skills areas.

Within these areas, many cited critical skills such as planning, communication, decision-making, delegation, problem-solving, and motivation.

Although they have a deeper understanding of management skills, more defining skills must be included if management for skills is to evolve.


Top Skills For Management In 2023

Before I begin, I want to preface this by saying I agree with Katz’s work and the skills we mentioned.

They should be the staple for any management position.

However, we should see many, if not all, of the skills below if they are among the best in their position.


Empathy – There’s an expression educators use that applies here today.  They say that “kids don’t care about what you know until they know that you care.”

The same applies to any leader.

Leaders must make empathy the first and foremost skill needed in today’s times, where billions are affected by mental health and well-being concerns.


Predictive Validity – The ability to take a result and predict a future outcome stem from the definition of predictive validity.

We have AI, Big Data, and the ability to process millions of data points. Still, it isn’t beneficial unless a manager can infer from it while adjusting to the variables that affect it.


Big Picture – This skill is a thinking strategy that concentrates on a central idea rather than every detail.

Those who get the concept see it at the 60,000’ view first.  Then they drill down to the individual details that perfect it.


Digital Literacy – To succeed in today’s job site requires one to be competent to function in a digital world.

Within this skill, we must include digital cultural awareness, collaboration, communication, and the ability to research without bias.  Try to think of this skill as succeeding in your job using online tools and device apps.

Mobile Literacy – I know this will be a new skill for many but trust me when I say this is super important.

Mobile literacy occurs when people develop new skills using a mobile device (phone, iPad, laptop).  New skills could include creating a weblog or moblog.


Lifelong Learning – Many companies and organizations now turn to professional development at the employee’s convenience. 

This includes earning a micro-credential or taking a refresher course when the student wants to take the course.

The best part of this comes from the individual’s willingness rather than being “required” to take the course.


Customer Centric – For educators, their customers are their students, whereas a business has customers who purchase their products or services.

Either way, customer-centric comprises the ability to make the best experience possible to build trust and loyalty.

When this happens, recurring profits rise, and a lower attrition rate occurs.


Risk Takers – I know this is so generic, but it’s an essential skill to have. Quite often, people must take risks when others don’t see what they know is the right thing to do.

The risk-taking skills must come with many skills, such as predictive validity and big picture, if leaders will optimize these skills.

Even though there are so many industries and thousands of jobs to consider, there are a couple of things we know:

    • We can never have enough skills.

    • Skills must evolve as time and technologies change.

    • Leaders mustn’t wait until the last minute to map out strategies.

  • It’s better to over-communicate during the process rather than after a problem has come up.

Always Room For More Skills

So what does all this mean for aspiring employees seeking skills for management out there?

In a nutshell, the skill set required to succeed in 2023 will be drastically different than it was even five years ago.

To ensure you’re on track for a successful career in management, focus on honing your skills in data-driven decision-making, remote working, and agility.

Most importantly, stay open to learning new things – after all, the business world is changing faster than ever, and those who can keep up will be the ones reaping the rewards.

There’s always room for more skills. (Check out our Tools Page to add a few more!)

What other skills do you think are essential for top management in 2023?

Let us know in the comments!

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