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There has been a more incredible drive to show your skills on your resume in recent years. We’ve relied on digital platforms to facilitate everything, from business meetings and conferences to weddings and milestone celebrations. It’s no surprise that swapping business cards, a long-standing tradition, has also gone digital.

Your digital business card is not only a terrific way to expand your social network, but it’s also a way to promote your business. Unlike a paper card with limited space, a digital card allows you to store as much information as you want in one location. It’s also environmentally friendly and cost-effective, saving you money that you can invest in other marketing initiatives to help your company grow.

When used smartly, a digital business card can be a great marketing tool for any brand or organization. This is why it is critical to examine the impression and impact your digital business card makes on those who receive it.

Continue reading to see how you may leverage your digital business card as a powerful marketing tool.

Add Visual Elements to Increase Recall Value

While providing textual information about your business on the card is necessary, adding creative visual elements can help grab people’s attention. Create a visually appealing digital business card that invites the reader to check out everything on it.

Use complementary colors that support your brand statement. Remember that each color conveys a special message. For instance, red represents passion, dark blue depicts professionalism, light blue inspires tranquility and trust, and black exudes power and sophistication. Take the time to experiment with different color combinations to determine which ones work best for your brand.

Additionally, you can incorporate images or videos of your employees going the extra mile to deliver a positive customer experience. This lets you present a professional, service-oriented image that will attract and retain customers.

Make It Functional and User-friendly

Your digital business card must be intuitive and straightforward to use. One of the most critical components of your business card is your contact information, so make sure it can be readily transferred to your target audience’s phone contacts and mailing list. This shows existing and potential customers that you put a premium on the user experience when designing your digital business card while providing a way to reach you easily.

Your customers will appreciate if forms can be conveniently downloaded and submitted using your digital business card. If your business deals with a high volume of documents, this is an excellent technique for ensuring that transactions run smoothly.

What’s also equally important is to include all relevant skills necessary for the job. One can conduct a skills inventory assessment using Upskill Talent’s free tool or utilize Illuminate, Upskill Talent’s skills to resume dashboard, to learn all the soft skills, hard skills, tech skills, and competencies needed for the occupation.

Add Links to Active Social Media Accounts and Relevant Information

Every business today has some level of presence on social media, with networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter helping brands gain traction and recall. Your digital business card must include links to your social media sites to give your prospects more information about your company and increase brand awareness.

However, you must list only the social media handles you regularly update. If you haven’t tweeted in years, it’s best to omit your Twitter account from your profile because this will leave a negative impression on the customer. If you are inactive on social media, people will lose interest in your business, and you will miss out on the opportunity to create online credibility.

Potential clients, partners, and employers may also want to review your portfolio, work experience, and accomplishments before collaborating with you. Include links to your website, LinkedIn profile, and other social media accounts that can learn more about you and your business.

A must-have should include all of your skills on a resume so people have an instant drive to see more.

Include Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Potential customers are naturally curious about what former customers must say about your brand, products, or services. Testimonials are published on business websites to help establish credibility.

Rather than directing prospects to your website or social media page to read reviews and recommendations, consider including a few testimonials on your digital business card. Adding one or two of your best testimonials on your business card can reveal your company and help you gain your market’s trust and draw in new customers.

Mention Advocacies and Causes You Support

More customers prioritize social responsibility when choosing brands. Letting people know about the causes you support can benefit your business. It gives people a sense of what motivates you and your company. Your brand can also immediately affect potential customers who care about the exact causes you do.

Customers expect their favorite brands to be environmentally and socially conscious. You can match your marketing strategy with your customers’ emotional motivators and support issues that resonate with your target demographic to attract new customers and increase brand loyalty.

Skills on resume mustn't have a pic on it.
Skills on resume should have a resume included.

Where Can You Build Your Skills On A Resume Digital Business Card?


Canva has over 43,000 templates you can choose from. It’s become a fan-favorite to go here and instantly add your splash and pizazz, making it unique.  Take a look at the example above to get some ideas!


A word of suggestion – include a way for others to see your tech-savvy side quickly.  Some use a QR code where it takes them to their information.  Others may use a fancy app such as Switchit, which allows users to exchange cards easily.


In any case, you will only go wrong by not having one created and ready to use!


The Takeaway


While physical business cards are unlikely to disappear soon, digital business cards are becoming a popular addition to several technological advancements and marketing trends. Digital business cards offer a unique, cost-effective, and creative way to reach more people, capture attention, market your business, and gain an edge over the competition.



This blog was written by Arleen Atienza, a renowned blogger whose innovative and captive approach ensures that everyone who reads her work can reach their fullest potential.

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