Recently, I was thinking about the essential skills that all employees should have, when it dawned on me that the best employees possess excellent engagement skills.

For decades now, CEO’s have stressed that their corporations need highly qualified and skilled workers to improve their bottom line.

No argument there.

I also think we all can agree that Critical Thinking, Soft Skills, and Creativity

should be on the shortlist.

However, when companies find those candidates, they understand that much work remains.

They find that employees enter the workforce with a “degree of separation” where they learn their job but must undo some of the things they learned in post-secondary school. 

That separation commonly happens because schools, regardless of level, have not invested enough time, energy, and resources into making these critical elements a priority. 


Corporations will never get their employees to reach their fullest potential unless they train them in strong engagement skills.

We have the technology. We have the capability to build a better employee, and we know the engagement skills we must add.

Looking at the concept of a popular 70’s show, The Six Million Dollar Man, let’s take a moment to remember…. The old computer screen shows the audience “a human being whose original human parts have had to be replaced to one extent or another…”

The old computer screen shows the audience “a human being whose original human parts have had to be replaced to one extent or another…”

Our imagination soars with inspiration during the introduction credits while we watch the footage. Then the announcer comes on during the music and says, “gentlemen, we can rebuild him (her). We have the technology; we have the capability.”

Drawing similar analogies, we must think about how we train employees for the 21st Century with the same concept.

It’s already happening in some places. For example, many fortune 500 companies are adding Workforce development

What are the best employee engagement skills?

These skills should be an “added value” and engrained into an employee’s DNA.

Essential Engagement skills must include grit, emotional intelligence and an open mindset
  1. An Open or Growth Mindset comes from the research of Dr. Carol Dweck, where one believes and learns that they can do better and are welcome to ideas to advance themselves without fear.

An open mindset lets the mind focus on the things it can control while having an optimistic approach to complex problems.

  • 2. New York Times Best Seller Angela Duckworth explains the true meaning of Grit. The definition centers on the idea that passion and perseverance outperform natural talent. 

My favorite! 

It’s not always the most talented that wins, it’s the one who is most determined, and Grit sums it up perfectly here.

Think about entrepreneurs who have fought their way through bankruptcy and failure. It’s because they were determined to succeed.

  • 3.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) originates from researchers Peter Salovey and John Mayer, where we understand and manage our own emotions while having the ability to influence the feelings of others. 

When we are empathetic and can handle interpersonal relationships judiciously, that becomes a dominant factor in decisions.

Don’t believe me?

When was the last time you saw a high-stakes poker game or watched an acquisition between two companies? 

Want to find an edge? Get engaged!

Combining these three essential skills enables almost any worker to transform into highly functioning employees.

Seeing the transformation take shape will yield high results and might also surprise you.

So who’s helping you to inject the DNA you need in your employees?

Let us help you get started.

Contact us for more information.


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