Using a digital notebook is essential

In this blog, we’ll discuss using a digital notebook and four of them to use in 2021 that will make it easier for students, to become more prepared to learn in a virtual world.

Why consider Digital Notebooks?

  1. You’ll eventually run out of room in a traditional notebook.  No matter how faithful you are in keeping up with things and documenting them, all paper notebooks will get filled.
  2. Papers get lost. Unless you’re super methodical, there is always a chance you may misplace your notebook.  That means the information stored there becomes lost and unavailable until you find it.
  3. Digital can be used on any device. Whether it’s a website or a Google Drive, you can retrieve it through any device at any time if you’re connected.
  4. Can update and purge as needed.  When you are trying to jot notes down for the first time, it’s hard to keep everything organized, and having a notebook in the cloud will allow you to consolidate and update.
  5. Add a splash of color. It can help streamline those notes if you can organize by color, making them easier to see and retrieve.
  6. Utilize another device to enhance the notes. Having the folder with the notes enables you to use other tools such as a voice recording, video file, or other virtual documents.
  7. Enables the ability to collaborate with peers. Unlike the old fashion notebook, notes can be updated in real-time if permission is granted.

4 Incredible Super Easy Notebooks to Use


Sketch NotesThis extension lets you jot down ideas, sketch ideas, or write down anything else you would with your paper notebook.


Microsoft OneNote– Get organized in notebooks by dividing them into sections and pages. With easy navigation and search, you’ll always find your notes right where you left them.


Zoho– The most beautiful note taking app across devices. By using note cards they’re designed to complement the note you’re taking.


Livebiners – Organize your resources in an online binder that lets you stay connected, enable remote productivity, and simplify resource sharing.

I invite you to try one digital notebook and see how it can reshape the way you learn. 


Are there any digital notebooks we missed?  Let us know by contacting us.

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