Digital Learning can be fun.

4 Areas to Upgrade Digital Learning

How we have conducted digital learning has changed significantly. Within these past several months, it’s been a whirlwind where one could lose their mind quickly.  From being Zoomed out to inundating professional developments, people have realized that distance learning is

Distance learning can be tough

5 Ways To Rebuild Skills Without Distance Learning

Distance Learning has proven to be one of society’s worst nightmares. It seems like every educator I’ve spoken has said the same thing: “this has been the hardest year I’ve ever had.” I agree with them 100%; this past year

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Building Teacher & Student Relationships Thru...

Unless a teacher takes great effort into building a relationship with every student they teach, distance learning won’t matter. “It just doesn’t feel like I’m in a class,” says one student. Recognizing they do not want to hurt my feelings,

Special Education students have some of the best ideas.

Strengthen Special Education Accommodations For Di...

Special Education students are one group of students who suffer the most in distance learning. Although accommodations are provided, there remains a significant disconnect between student learning and the teacher’s plan. I am not placing the blame on teachers. Instead,

Distance Learning System are very important.

6 Fantastic Tools for Any Distance Learning System

I’ve been posting multiple blogs on distance learning in the last several weeks. Today we will discuss the 5 useful tools that can be utilized by any instructor or student regardless of the distance learning system.  Should this be your

What are the Top Employee Engagement Skills Everyo...

Recently, I was thinking about the essential skills that all employees should have, when it dawned on me that the best employees possess excellent engagement skills. For decades now, CEO’s have stressed that their corporations need highly qualified and skilled

6 tips for distance learning helps parents

Prepare the Future Workforce For Distance Learning

Prepare the future workforce with distance learning. It’s becoming a very important conversation while the Coronavirus (C0VID-19) has stopped humanity in its tracks. It’s all hands on deck.   Thank goodness heroes are already on the frontline! Thankfully there are heroes everywhere stepping

Best practices distance education is a must.

What Are The Best Practices Distance Education?

Today’s blog – What are the Best Practices Distance Education (learning), is a two-part blog that will help readers answer whether distance education actually works and how we can make learning for the user a success. This week’s blog sheds

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