Distance Learning System are very important.

I’ve been posting multiple blogs on distance learning in the last several weeks. Today we will discuss the 5 useful tools that can be utilized by any instructor or student regardless of the distance learning system. 

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What Are The 5 Useful Tools for Any Distance Learning System?

Regardless of the platform, subject, or location, I highly recommend you consider these steps.

  1. Give your Computer a Tune-Up

There is nothing more irritating than a slow computer, and you need to ask yourself when the last time your computer had a tune-up was.

Some of you are savvy enough to click on a few keys, and you’re done.  If you’re like me, you wonder what you should do.  Thankfully, the article 19 tips and tricks to increase PC performance on Windows 10 came to my rescue. For those who use a Mac, check out this article on how

As I read the article, some tips made perfect sense, and some didn’t.  I recommend that you only conduct the tips you are most comfortable with so you have no issues down the road.

2. Contact your Internet Service Provider to Check the Bandwidth

If your Wi-Fi is consistently slow, call your Internet Service Provider and ask them to conduct tests. 

There they will check your speed in terms of download and upload capability. The customer service representative will also produce tests to flush out the line and walk you through some easy steps to help improve the speed.

Speaking of speed, I check my speed occasionally using Fast.com.

3. Clean Up Your Browser

Depending on how the settings are configured on your browser, I recommend you clear your cache and download history.

Why am I bringing this up?

Let’s say you made an update on your platform, but it’s not showing that update.  It could be because the cache has the page ready for you to use instead of refreshing and showing you that change.

This is another item that will increase the speed of your computer.

4. Review and Update Your Extensions

Like having too many browser tabs open, too many extensions will slow down your browser.  Review them and remove what you don’t use regularly.

I insist you check out the 2020 Best Chrome Extensions for Chrome users. One extension I just added is The Great Suspender, which helps to free up RAM when tabs are hogging up memory and suspending tabs you are not currently using.

5. Find Some New Resources to Use in Your Course

Corporations worldwide recognize that educators struggle with getting the resources they need to teach their students. They are donating their services to help bridge the lack of supplemental resources.

For example, Zoom has free school districts access to their sites.

To see a comprehensive and updated list, go to Journal.com and find the Free Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak.  It’s listed in alphabetical order, so scan through the list and see what you can use.

6. Set up Zoom Reminders 

We all get tied up from time to time and start a meeting late but thanks to the Zoom app, you can set Meeting reminders.  It’s great for your phone not to mention your laptop.  You can also set up Outlook to include Zoom in your appointment which will automatically pop up when the meeting should start. 

With a little TLC and a few moments, you will find your laptop in better shape to mold your children’s minds.

Until next time, I urge you to change how you view education.

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