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If you’re trying to increase your chances of getting hired, then you need to look at this blog, 10 ways to improve your resume.

Are you looking to start fresh or take your career to the next level? It may be time to shake up your resume.

A robust and well-crafted resume can make a difference in how employers respond to you and ultimately land you interviews for jobs that will help take your career in the direction you want.

But what are some of the most impactful changes one can make on their resume?

We have ten surefire ways to improve your resume to stand out from all other applicants!

Please keep reading for our top tips on crafting an impressive, eye-catching document that tickles employer fancy and gives you job satisfaction.



10 Ways To Improve Your Resume

Use a format that scans to Automated Tracking Systems (ATS).

Companies use ATS to scan resumes to determine who moves forward in the hiring process.

Using a simple format with no pictures, crazy characters, etc., helps AI read and scan the resume better, giving you a higher score.


Hyperlink where you’ve worked and your education. 

ATS increases your ranking when you use hyperlinks in your resume, as it helps to validate your experiences.


Resumes should be less than 1,000 words. 

Writing out a detailed plan is easy, but sometimes brevity is better, even if a human eye reads your resume.

Some reviewers might see it as a red flag if you have too much information.


Use spell check and try not to use abbreviations.

ATS shuns abbreviations as it may not pick up on the true meaning, so it’s best to avoid it at all costs regarding the spell check; that’s an instant rejection if a word is misspelled.


Integrate action verbs rather than linking verbs. 

Action verbs better describe the specific tasks than linking verbs, which describe the subject.

Using action verbs can better understand precisely what has been done rather than getting a feel of what you do.


Read a job description in its entirety. 

Too often, applicants just read the beginning of the job description instead of going through it to pick up the details.

You must pay attention to the details because that will make or break the hiring decision.

Reading it ultimately enables you to see what keywords they prioritize.

Remember, the more you see those expressions, the more likely you must reference them in your resume.


Try to get the inside scoop. 

Usually, a job posting will include a point of contact for questions and follow-up. 

When you see a name, do some research.

Discover who they are on LinkedIn, conduct a Google Search, and modify your resume to mirror who you think may scan your resume.


Verify that you have listed fundamental subject matter in your work experience.

This is one item often forgotten because you think you know it all.

Trust me – you do, but an occupation can have hundreds of knowledge points and skills.

That’s where it’s suggested to use Illuminate to review your resume and adjust.


Mention current projects and include the results.

ATS and applicant screeners want to see someone with the metrics to show their success.

Having metrics such as conversion rate, profitability, and passing rate helps anyone show that you’re vested in your work and can get results.

This suggestion alone is a great way to improve your resume!


Mention if you have done work remotely.

With more companies now providing the option of working remotely, Human Resource officials want to know how efficient you are at work.

Include how you streamlined communication beyond a Zoom call and coordinated with Project Managers.

It will also behoove you to see if the job posting mentions if remote work is an option. 

Should the position not mention, the position is at the company, and you will need to report there daily. 

Leave remote work out of your resume when that happens.



Hopefully, you’ve found more ways to improve your resume.

We know that by following these ten steps to improve your resume, you’ll significantly increase your chances of making a memorable impression and getting noticed.

But remember to update the look of your resume and what it represents: You. As lame as it may sound, choose your words wisely, and show off the skills you already have.

And don’t forget, keep your resume looking fresh and up to date by continuously making small changes if needed.

Employers won’t deem it so if it doesn’t look good enough for you. So why wait?

It’s time to spruce up that CV and stand apart from the competition.

If unsure, start small – try one suggestion at a time and see where you take it! What’s one way you think is essential to do when trying to improve your resume?

Let us know in the comments below!

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