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Fast Company wrote on the 5 Essential Skills to Show You’re a Standout Remote Worker, and I couldn’t help myself but realize there are tools out there that can advance her per-intimation.

Using her five points, let’s add tools to help increase productivity.

Remote Worker Tools to Compliment Essential Skills

1. Conflict Resolution Skills  Conflict occurs when there is usually a point or issue that others may not agree with or understand. To help reduce the conflict there are a few possible tools to help reduce tension.

Xmind is a mind mapping and brainstorming tool to help generate ideas, inspire creativity, and bring efficiency. If all stakeholders can see the whole picture, it would help bring everyone up to speed on the project while minimizing the cloud of uncertainty.

2. Communication & Technology Tools 

Great organizations build trust and vision through communication. They gather input and build consensus while outlining a measurable and obtainable plan. 

Wakelet champions this concept so quickly. Designed for educators or business professionals, it can scale to individual work and build up to whole teams and organizations.

3. Sales Communication Skills

Educators should consider sales as the ability to drive home a lesson to their customers, the students. What’s most important in the “sale” is the engagement and feedback in the discussion.

Explain Everything is more than just an interactive whiteboard. 

It’s a powerful tool that tells the story through any media and engages through screen casting.

The best part of it all is it connects in real time or asynchronously.

4. Organizational Skills

Successful people are organized, meticulous, and thorough in exchanging information. They consider every aspect from A to Z in making the task perfect.

Genial.ly creates stunning presentations, infographics, and so much more in seconds. This tool allows creativity to be unleashed, making it easy to organize. The templates provided help set up one’s organization with minimal effort.

5. Writing Skills

Writing conveys the heart’s passion for the work. It unleashes a poetic flow that paints a magnificent portrait through the pen’s ink.  

There are great tools like WordRake and Grammarly, whose algorithms finetune an author’s work.

But I’m going out to share new ones I’ve discovered.

Composing a piece may require the assistance of sites such as OneLookReverse Dictionary, or Related Words.

Hemingway App breaks down the writing so the author sees how they have structured their sentences in great detail. Not only will it tell you that some sentences are hard to read, but it will assist you in reminding critical things like the number of passive verbs.

Transferrable Skills Are The Key To A Successful Employee

Times change, and so do the jobs we work. What remains the same are the skills we bring to our occupations.

Whether our workers are remote or are at the job site, our tools play an instrumental role in developing our skills. When they use the right tools, they become comfortable and make us more efficient.

That’s the key to success- work smarter, not harder.

And that’s what we must carry over as we learn something new daily.

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