Graphic Organizers can bring a new year of hope by helping you set new goals and dreams.

Some may want to do better financially, while others want to be better with their organization.

If you are one of the ones who want to get better organized, then I can’t wait to show you some of the virtual tools that I’ve found.

Benefits Of Visualizing It

Because ideas are better structured with Graphic Organizers, let’s first discuss why graphic organizers benefit every student.

  1.      A graphic organizer helps to give them structure when composing a new writing assignment.
  2.      They show coders the flow of a program while helping to troubleshoot when they walk through each step.
  3.      They make it easy to assign parts of a project.
  4.      They add a timeline where it will show the progression and what’s left to complete.
  5.      They save time by aiding in the planning part instead of waiting until the job’s end to rework it.

I’m sure you can think of more ideas that benefit anyone from using graphic organizers, but now let’s discuss the three I found most useful.

3 Incredible Graphic Organizers

XMind -has a free and paid version. Another cool feature is anyone can so you can use it offline. What I appreciate the most comes from how easy it is to use.

XMind is a great organizational tool.

ReadWriteThink – Another graphic organizer to assist with comparing & contrasting concepts.

One of the great digital notebooks is ReadWrite

UDL Tech Toolkit – Over 30 types of graphic organizers to help develop & streamline information.

Another perk to these three organizers comes with the notion that there is a no-cost option.

Think there’s a graphic organizer that should be included in this list? Contact me and let me know what it is you think is better.

Look for more learning and studying tools and tricks to come in 2021. Let’s make this year the best ever!

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