Evaluating Teachers are fun.

Evaluating Teachers In A Distance Learning Era

Evaluating Teachers -Schools are opening up. Unlike the typical hustle, where teachers build routines and classes understand their expectations, students and teachers adapt to the new normal regarding distance learning. Distance learning continues to dominate conversations about how students learn

Management by solutions is a great approach.

Using A Management By Solution For Education

 What if we used a Management By Solution approach to solving education-related issues? Would it work? You’d be surprised at how easy the process can be from start to finish. COVID continues to wreak havoc on the world, especially for

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Building Teacher & Student Relationships Thru...

Unless a teacher takes great effort into building a relationship with every student they teach, distance learning won’t matter. “It just doesn’t feel like I’m in a class,” says one student. Recognizing they do not want to hurt my feelings,

What Are The Virtual Reality Best Practices?

This blog: What Are The Virtual Reality best practices, is the second blog in a three-blog series on Upscaling A Science Lesson With Virtual Reality. It will cover the best practices and affordable VR headsets that educators can utilize in

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