Intro & Assessment

Setting Up Illuminate

In this session, users will learn how easy it is to use Illuminate.

Users will understand the structure of the class and be provided with a list of things that will be needed in the course. 

Getting Started

What Industry Do I Prefer?

Users will learn where they can access the Career Interest Survey and understand a brief synopsis of the 16 industries. 

Users get the initial glimpse into Illuminate as well as get to initially explore all of the features it has to offer. 

I Know My Preferred Industry - Now What?

How To Build On Existing Knowledge & Skills

To provide users with a brief overview of where everything is in Illuminate and to get familiar with the settings.

Users get a more extensive opportunity how to access Illuminate and interact with the features.

Exploring Unchartered Opportunities

What's My Next Career?

This section provides users with the opportunity to explore careers in Illuminate.

Here one can explore the importance of education and industry certifications in a profession.

Power Of Education & Certifications

Create Your Own Resume

Create a resume showing your skills and competencies to enhance your chances of getting their next job.

Take your current resume and identify skills and competencies to enhance your chances of getting your next job.

Upskilling Your Resume

Users will learn the pitfalls to avoid when constructing a resume.

Pitfalls To Avoid

Maximizing My Chances

Helping users construct a good cover letter to encourage others to review their resumes.

Users will learn about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and its critical role in determining who advances to the next level of determining who gets an interview.

Is My Resume ATS Friendly?

Best Practices 101 For Skill Development

In this lesson, we’ll lay out several steps that include Illuminate’s knowledge, skill, and certification information and show you how to optimize yourself for skill development.

How Should I Best Prepare?

In this lesson, users will understand how to best prepare for the interview by following tips and suggestions.

Listening is an art and critical in getting your next position. In this lesson, we will give you key tips on what to listen to, so it maximizes your chances of getting the job.

Am I Really Listening To The Interviewer?

Reading Body Language

You will understand how others perceive certain topics and situations by looking at their body language and then determining the best direction to move forward on.

In this lesson, we’ll discover how important of a role Social Media plays when being considered for a position.

Social Media No-No's

Upskill Talent

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