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Human resources (HR) play an essential part in any business. It’s the department that connects people to leadership. But it does much more than that in practice.

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Human resources management (HRM), as defined by the Society for Human Resource Management, is “…the process of managing an organization’s employees.

HRM departments oversee what everyone does to meet an organization’s goals effectively. HRM includes all aspects of people management to meet an organization’s goals effectively.”

As you can imagine and may already be aware, a lot goes into effective HR management.

That’s where HR software for managing people and HRM tasks comes in handy.

It can help you accomplish the many things needed to manage your HR workforce effectively!

Our HR management software, in particular, can help with some things.

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New Skills

Human resources training, also known as human resources upskilling, teaches your workforce new skills to advance to new positions or make lateral moves internally.

HR Management Dashboard

With our HR management dashboard, Illuminate, you can easily quickly provide human resources training and upskilling to any employees needing it. Plus, our HR management software is customizable to make it work for, not against, you and your business challenges and uses.


Human Resources Training

Let’s unlock Today’s Skills For Tomorrow’s Jobs.


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HR Management Software

We can knowledgeably help you select the right tools and use cases to customize our HR management software to your unique vertical and organization.


We can provide HR consulting services to complement our HR management software. But backing up, what does our software do? Briefly, it optimizes your HR operations. It can help you:


  • Update job descriptions
  • Essential Identity skills your employees need to develop
  • Reduce layoffs by not just upskilling but also reskilling your workforce
  • …And more!

It’s been working well for these organizations:


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HR Consulting Software

According to the SHRM, HR consulting involves
delivering all aspects of human resource management as an external provider….”  

Are you an organization that helps HRM teams execute their goals and objectives?

You can use our Illuminate dashboard as an HR consulting software program to help things go more smoothly for you and your team, whatever you may do regarding HR consulting.  

HR Recruiting Software

HR recruiting software helps HR professionals build talent pipelines, assess job requisitions or candidates, and take notes during interviews and hiring.

HR recruiting software programs also generally have a built-in process or project management component to keep the hiring process going from one step to the next. 


Number of Applicants
Environmental Engineer 50%
Data Scientists 85%
Critical Care Nurse 72%
Web Designer 25%

In Conclusion

There are a variety of uses for HR Management software like ours, from hiring to consulting to training and upskilling.

Schedule a consultation and learn more about our specific HRM software, Illuminate, and how we can help customize it to your particular needs and uses!


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