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We continue our focus on how instructional designers and educators must make course design smarter.

If you’re reading the series for the first time, check out the first blog, explaining the comprehensive approach to ABOUT DESIGN. You are also encouraged to read about analyzing every aspect of the project or building out the design.

If you’re like me, you quickly realize whether what you are learning either bores or entices you. Instructors and instructional designers must consider how a user experiences the training.

Designers should think about the complexity of the skill, the engagement, and any learning deficits.

Complex skills take time to understand, no matter how intelligent a person is with the subject. 

For when someone designs a course, they must think ABOUT their DESIGN; they must consider every aspect of the job. Only then will they make learning smarter.

12 Course Design Questions That Makes The User Experience Better

  • What characteristics does a typical user have when they take the course?
  • Do learners use their phone or laptop/desktop/tablet?
  • What kind of bandwidth does the user have on their device?
  • What LMS constraints must designers consider?
  • Are there any key features of the LMS that augment the experience?
  • Are neurodiverse or bilingual users able to complete the course through their accommodations or assistive technology supports?
  • Can we identify any unique features that users want to have in the course?
  • How does the user prefer to show mastery once they complete the course?
  • Will the user be able to communicate with the instructor immediately? Or within a relatively short while?
  • Does the user know where to contact tech support should a concern arise?
  • Can the LMS set up reminders for those who do not log in or submit work on the due dates?
  • What other courses or other resources can the user utilize offline?

Sadly budgets often drive decisions for learning and development; however, if you ever get to make a lasting impact on someone, I suggest that the time, energy, and funds go towards bettering the talent surrounding you.

Because the best investment comes from the opportunity to build on one’s skills that can transfer from one task to another.

That’s what makes people irreplaceable and, more critical, appreciated.

Feel like something is missing? I’d love to hear your comments.

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